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10 Jul 2017 Trade marks that consist exclusively of signs or indications which have become customary in the current language or in the bona fide and  For example, a UK trademark registration will provide exclusive enforceable at that stage there is a need to engage a local lawyer to assume responsibility  At the same time, the trade mark infringement provisions do not preclude a This has the practical effect that an unregistered trade mark will never have a 

A search of the UK trade mark register should be carried out before submitting a UK application to check whether any conflicting marks are already on the register. A search can be carried out at the Intellectual Property Office in Newport or at the British Library's Business and Intellectual Property Centre in London. If you are conducting a business in the UK you should file a trademark application at the UK Patent Office in the registration Classes that correspond to your business. If you want to stop someone else using your name in any other part of the European Union you should consider a Community Trade Mark (CTM) application at the Community Trade Mark office. The basic fee for a trademark is £180. In the UK, it will cost an extra £50 per each additional class. Your trademark cannot: Be offensive, or include offensive wording; Describe the goods or services (ex. cannot trademark cotton for a cotton textile company) Mislead the consumer; Be a 3-dimensional shape associate with your trade mark For example, a trade mark that is registered in the UK will only provide registered protection within the UK. A business or company which trades in different countries beyond the UK and which wants to secure trade mark registration will generally need to do so in each individual country in which it is actively trading.

Apply now. You need: details of what you want to register, for example a word, illustration or slogan. the trade mark classes you want to register in, for example food and drink services (class 43) or chemicals (class 1)

Some trade marks are so valuable, it is near impossible to put a price on them. How much would someone pay to be the only one allowed to use Coca Cola for  Registering with Companies House only ensures registration of the exact wording of your company name with the Registrar of Companies in the UK. Competing  Learn how to register a UK trademark and protect your business name, logo If you do want to go a step further, you can trademark a series of variations i.e.  Before applying for your trade mark you should do a search through the Office UK to make sure that names, phrases or symbols that you want to trade mark 

You will have a lot of contact with colleagues, clients, trade marks registry officials qualified trade mark attorneys also practise in large cities across the UK.

To obtain a registered trade mark that offers brand name protection in the UK, you need to apply to Intellectual Property Office or, if you want Europe wide protection, at the Community Trade Marks Office also known as OHIM (based in Alicante, Spain). If you are only going to be running the business for a few years and you have no plans of expanding beyond your town, then a trademark may not be necessary. However, if you own a business that offers goods or services, and you are in it for the long term and wish to stand out from the crowd, then registering a trademark is practically essential.

9 Oct 2018 A prerequisite is to have a base application or registration in the UK before you apply for an international trademark. You can also apply to 

The last thing you want is to find out that your potential trade mark ticks all of the right boxes but has already been trademarked by someone else. The IPO's free  Do I need to register my brand as a trademark in order to get protection? In most countries trademark registration is the quickest and cheapest way to ensure  12 Feb 2019 When starting a business, you want to make your name stand out in the A UK trade mark application will start from £170 and (if accepted) will  What does the trademark registration procedure in the UK look like? For example, whether you want to register in several countries worldwide and whether 

15 Mar 2016 If you sell products or services to consumers based in the US, you're eligible to file for US federal trademark protection. But should you take 

16 May 2014 A trade mark is a sign which can distinguish your goods and services Also, someone may have already, and quite legitimately, registered the 

What can you trademark in the UK? Theme: Protecting your ideas A registered trade mark safeguards your brand, giving you the rights to take legal action if someone uses your brand without permission and allow you to sell or license your brand to third parties if necessary. Trade Marks can be registered at the Patent Office which is based in Newport, South Wales and this will provide protection of the mark in the UK. Trade mark for Europe. If your business extends to Europe, you can obtain a Community Trade Mark which protects your mark for all EU countries. In the UK, a trade mark registration gives the proprietor the exclusive right to use the registered trade mark on those goods or services for which it is registered. A registration also gives the owner the right to stop others from using confusingly similar marks for their goods or services. A trademark can be exploited like any form of physical property. Trademarks can be bought, sold, mortgaged or licensed. A trademark can distil brand value into a tradeable commodity and trademarks themselves can be valuable assets. How long does a trademark last? UK, European, and International trademark registrations last 10 years. In order to obtain trademark protection in United Kingdom you can register your trademark in two ways: First option is that you request registration in the entire European Union with one single application; this can be done via the European Union Trademark which grants trademark protection in the 28 country members of the EU (more info here).